Art in the Commons, January & February 2016: Cheryl Tarkington

Drawing Zentangle Style by Cheryl Tarkington
Zentangle is a more formalized form of doodling and has been around for quite a long time. About 3 years ago I became interested in Australian Aboriginal art, which uses a lot of stylized symbolism along with the creative use of dot painting. When I stumbled onto Zentangle it reminded me of what I had appreciated about the Aboriginal art and carried it on beyond. If you are a purist of this art style you maintain strict adherence to certain rules, such as restricting the size of the work to a 3 ½ by 3 ½ card; not using tools like straight edges, compasses, or grids; and making the finished work abstract and organic.
Those who are not purists make their on variations on sizes and surfaces from copy paper to rocks and furniture. I have even seen a Zentangled car.
Most of my work has been on sketch pads, copy paper, small boxes and lamp shades. Any surface you can draw or paint on can be “tangled”. It is a fascinating art style that has become a form of meditation in both the creation of the design and in adding color to those designs created by others. 

I can be reached by email: Cheryl Tarkington

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