Art in the Commons, March & April 2016: Kate Colpitts and Donna Horn

OBJECTIONS OF INSPIRATION, showcases paintings by Donna Horn and Kate Colpitts.   Both draw inspiration for their work from nature.

Colpitts KateDuring her long daily walks, Kate finds things of interest:  leaves, pods, trash.   She incorporates these images into abstracted compositions of delicate, nuanced color.   Kate applies  soft veils of oil paint in harmonious color,  punctuated by line and/or a pop of complimentary hue.

Horn Donna
Donna takes photos of local places she sees while walking or traveling by car on long trips to visit family.   Her process involves layers of oil thickened with cold wax.  Donna often employs palette knife to apply, scrape, and overpaint. She draws with  oil bar, dragging across dried paint.   These  techniques, along with  a non- naturalistic use of color, inform her landscape imagery that is descriptive without being literal.
Both artists work at Little Tree Artist Studios in Avondale Estates, Georgia.  Paintings can be viewed through April.
Click here to email either of them: Kate Colpitts or Donna Horn


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