Retired Men’s Breakfast: Wednesday, April 20, 9:00 am

THE LAST RETIRED MEN’S BREAKFAST: Wednesday, April 20, 9:00am

The monthly Retired Men’s Breakfast has been a tradition at Central since approximately 1977.  It has served retired men from Central, neighborhood retired men from other faiths, and quite possibly some without faith.  At one time, it had a large number of participants and workers.

However, as the group has aged, the men who were participating have moved away, gradually become unable to attend or have died.  Younger, new retirees have generally not joined to take their place and participation has dwindled. 

After breakfast in March, we held a discussion with those few present about whether to continue with the breakfast in light of the reduced participation.  Most agreed Central’s Retired Mens’s Breakfast as we have known it cannot continue long under the current trends. The conclusion was that we would have one more breakfast in April.  After that, there is a possibility of a small group continuing to meet in a different format at a different venue, but the monthly Retired Men’s Breakfast at Central will end.

So, come join us for breakfast one more time on April 20 at 9:00am to celebrate a long tradition with a great history that seems to have run its course.

Wayne Stansbery, co-chair, Retired Men’s Breakfast

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