Art in the Commons, May & June 2015: Myrtha Vega

Artist’s Statement – Myrtha Vega

Since I began my architectural studies in Havana I have learned to see things in a different manner. After my years of practice in architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design, I see through different eyes, and I incorporate architectural elements into my art. Objects do not stand alone but are part of the overall environment. Although architectural elements are evident in many of my paintings; space and time, form and texture, line and color are always present.

My plein air landscapes are done on site, inspired by my reaction to the character of the scene. Rather than copy nature, I redesign the scene to create an original painting. I add color where there is none. I paint masses of trees then add tree trunks to hold the colorful canopies above. I create a sky which reflects my emotional response to the scene rather than a literal representation of the scene. I change the space according to my perception, freezing a moment in time on my canvas.

In recent years my landscape paintings have become more and more abstract, with the emphasis placed on masses of color with different values and strong emphasis on form with minimal attention to details. When details are present, they have been added to accent the existing forms, thus adding texture and scale. The architect in me can never forget what Mies van der Rohe said: “God is in the details.”

You may ask: why paint on plein air if you are partially and deliberately ignoring the existing landscape? Keep in mind that I was trained as a Landscape Architect. I love to mold the land to create a landscape on the existing site. The same concept is applied as a painter: I mold the land with a different tool: my brush.

The exhilaration of being outdoors enjoying the beauty of the God-given land results in a prayer in color on canvas.


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