Pathways for Theological Education

PATHWAYS: Transformative Theological Education for a Changing World

Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, Atlanta, GA

The church of the future will not be the same as the church of the past, offering us fresh opportunities to re-imagine not only how we “do church” but also how we prepare leaders-both lay and authorized-for ministries that transform and empower our local congregations, communities, and the world.  PATHWAYS is one such approach to theological education and ministry formation, bringing theology into the midst of the people, for the purposes of individual, congregational, and global transformation.

In response to the challenges and opportunities of the changing religious landscape and the state of theological education in North America, the mission of PATHWAYS is to bring together the best of traditional theological education and the contemporary experiences of the church towards formation of new ministry models by offering affordable, accessible and excellent theological education to lay and authorized leaders.

PATHWAYS is designed to combine the best of the academy and of the church, to shape ministerial leaders not only by introducing them to theory, but to provide them formation in the supervised practice of ministry, and to guide them in theological reflection upon their practices. The facilitators are drawn from seminary and university faculty and ordained clergy

 who have excelled in local church ministry or particular specialized ministries. The program also comes with opportunities to broaden the life experience of the participants by engaging Christians and people of other faiths through our Global Theological Education program.

While PATHWAYS originates in the Southeast Conference, we partner with other UCC Conferences and Associations to launch PATHWAYS cohorts in other regions.

To learn more about PATHWAYS, through the website, please contact Rev. Sarah Kim, Th.D., Executive Director of Theological Education and Dean of PATHWAYS, Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, Atlanta.

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