Between Central UCC and Buford Highway there is an elementary school of about 1,200 students and almost 90% of them are receiving free or reduced lunch everyday. A few of Central’s members are looking into how we can better serve these struggling families during the week and weekends when there is not access to affordable, healthy food. As a team, we are looking to implement a monthly mobile food pantry that would serve 200 families a week’s worth of groceries. This would be a partnership between Toco Hills Community Food Alliance and the Atlanta Community Food Bank. We are hoping to have the first one in September after school has started.

Currently, a few members of Central UCC are volunteering their time on a weekly basis to read with students who need a little extra help. Tutors and kids meet at the school, in the library or in the hallway to read for half an hour. This has been a great program so far and they teachers and guidance counselors have been excited about our commitment to the underachieving students. 

If you would like to be involved helping with the mobile food pantry or in our ongoing tutoring program at the Montclair, please contact Jean Haller or Lacey Brown.

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