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The shelves at Toco Hills Community Alliance are getting low.  As the weather gets warmer, remember the pantry becomes thin.   Mainly two reasons:  Families who have children at home during the summer require extra food.  And most food drives happen in the fall so by spring and summer those food reserves are getting depleted.  This month, our church will focus on collecting  CANNED MEATS such as tuna, chicken, spaghetti with meatballs, spam, etc.  And of course the pantry can also use other kinds of food such as Cereal, Pasta, and Canned Veggies & Fruits.  Thank you for all your doing to help feed our neighbors around Central.  Questions?  Ask Bob Fredrick, Jean Haller or Beth Herndon.


Cristophe’s  To Go, a high end carry out place on Peachtree in Brookhaven has offered Toco Hill’s Community Alliance food they have “retired”.  These are items that did not sell that day, but that are still fresh and delicious, everything from grilled fish with roasted vegetables to chicken salad.  These are just the types of food that poor people rarely have access. We need someone to pick up the twelve or so items, between 9-10am and deliver them to THCA.  We have Monday through Thursday mornings to cover.  If you could do one morning a week, please contact Mary-Louise Wilson at [email protected].


We recycle used grocery bags to put food in for our clients. You may place them in the bins in the entry way at Central. 


Thank you for your responses to our request, last week, for an air conditioner.  Linda Massey of Clairmont Pres offered us one, so hopefully this will enable us to work comfortably in the hot summer. Thank you, Linda.

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